News and opportunities from the open manufacturing world

OpenMaker – Harnessing Digital Social Innovation to transform manufacturing is a European funded community building initiative that aims to make the most of horizontal collaboration, openness and trust across sectors and professions. The initiative aims to boost meaningful transformations within the European manufacturing sector, and to drive it towards more democratic, distributed and decentralized models. Through events, trainings, co-creation workshops, and targeted innovation funding, OpenMaker facilitates the creation of a community of innovators and change-makers in manufacturing across Europe.

On September 22nd, the 4 international OpenMaker accelerators, including those run by SI-DRIVE partners “LAMA Development and Cooperation Agency” and “The Young Foundation”, are launching a call for innovative prototypes which will support with € 20.000 up to 20 new ideas developed in partnership between makers and manufacturers. For info and applications:

On 28th of September, LAMA is further organising in Milan the international event “Desire for Meaning – Making Democratic, Decentralised, Distributed Business Models”. With the participation of makers, manufacturing companies, thought leaders and other international and local actors, the workshop will try to respond to the following question: “How do the values of open source, democratic participation and transparency lead us to new productive processes and organizational forms?”. If you want to participate, please contact: