SI-DRIVE policy field reports

SI-DRIVE now published the seven summaries of the SI-DRIVE policy field reports. Please find the links  for download below.

The summaries are based on the state-of-the-art reports in every policy field of SI-DRIVE, which provide policy field specific insights on social innovation and the related governance system. The state-of-the-art reports will be further elaborated during the project period. The final reports will be published in 2017. Please also see the Compilation of state-of-the- art reports on policy fields.

Each report  addresses governance background, recent challenges and corresponding practice fields of social innovation and illustrates social innovation projects in the related policy field – on a national, European, and global level. With its emphasis on the (governance) context of social innovation in the policy field, the reports are complementary to the SI-DRIVE mapping, which asks for details of concrete social innovation practices and projects, as well as to the SI-DRIVE report on social innovation in the different world regions, which elaborates main strategies and distinctions of social innovations according to a global context.

D4_1 Policy Field Report Education 2015 Summary

D5_1 Policy Field Report Employment 2015 Summary

D6_1 Policy Field Report Environment 2015 Summary

D7_1 Policy Field Report Energy Supply 2015 Summary

D8_1 Policy Field Report Mobility and Transport 2015 Summary

D9_1 Policy Field Report Health 2015 Summary

D10_1 Policy Field Report Poverty 2015 Summary