Technique for assessing social innovation project implementation

Between January and April 2015 the researchers of SI-DRIVE partner ISTED RAS conducted a study which has led to the development of a methodological approach to assess social innovation projects. The main research results have been reflected in an information and analytical report which was published in May 2015.
The report proposes a technique for comparative analysis of social innovation projects that uses quantitative and qualitative indicators, which allowe creating an approach to assess social innovations with a greater share of objectivity.
ISTED RAS’ researchers have developed an index which allows to compare concrete social innovation projects and programmes, as well as to monitor development of adjustments to active social innovation projects. The formation of the index took into account the following criteria of such projects:

  • the project novelty degree;
  • the project results diffusion degree;
  • the project’s topicality; the project’s practical significance;
  • the team’s qualification and the level of implementation of the social innovation project (programme);
  • the scope of the project’s implementation;
  • the scope of the possibility for realization of the project results;
  • the need for continuation of the project;
  • the satisfaction of the participation in the project;
  • the influence on the target audience’s social and psychological climate;
  • the social cohesion and
  • the synergy effect.

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